1-day Pre-AGU workshop on Greenland Freshwater Fluxes

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1-day Pre-AGU workshop on Greenland Freshwater Fluxes

Patrick Heimbach
Workshop: Greenland Freshwater Fluxes
1-day Pre-AGU workshop to be held either December 8 or 9, 2018

A one-day workshop will be convened during December 8-9th (day to be determined) in Washington, DC, USA, focused on Greenland freshwater fluxes into the North Atlantic. The workshop will bring together participants across disciplines to discuss two challenges. The first is bridging the scales between freshwater fluxes from Greenland outlet glaciers and fjords to the ocean. The second is developing better freshwater flux forcings from Greenland through parameterizations or transfer functions (present-day and future scenarios) in ocean and other large-scale models. Participants will gather to develop a mutual appreciation of the challenges, identify individual and cross-community needs, highlight potential approaches for improvement, and build cross-community relationships. Possible topics include:

·      Current approaches to freshwater input in ocean general circulation models;
·      Efforts to develop improved Greenland parameterizations/transfer functions;
·      Observational constraints of freshwater flux from Greenland;
·      Model skill at simulating near-Greenland ocean heat content;
·      Observational needs for validating/calibrating ocean general circulation models;
·      Problem analogues that the communities have addressed in the past (e.g., freshwater flux from rivers or around Antarctica).

Workshop outcomes, with community input, will be incorporated into a journal publication and shared widely. The workshop will be limited to 40 attendants. 

Expressions of interest for participation from the international community are solicited at this time (one page maximum). These should be sent to [hidden email] by September 1st 2018 and should state clearly the interest and proposed contribution to the workshop.

Workshop participants will be selected by the steering committee (see below). The workshop is sponsored by the GRISO (Greenland Ice Ocean Observing) Research Coordination Network (RCN) via funding from the US National Science Foundation, and co-organized with the International CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel (OMDP) and the CLIVAR/CliC Northern Ocean Regional Panel (NORP). Participants will be expected to fund their own travel to Washington DC (the workshop precedes the AGU Fall Meeting) but some funding will be available for the extra lodging and meal costs. 

Steering Committee

Jakob Abermann (Greenland Survey, Asiaq, Greenland)
Ginny Catania (U Texas, USA)
Baylor Fox-Kemper (Brown University, USA)
Patrick Heimbach (U Texas, USA)
Dorotea Iovino (CMCC, Bologna, Italy)
Twila Moon (U Colorado, USA)
Ruth Mottram (DMI, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Amy Solomon (NOAA/ESRL, Boulder, USA)
Leigh Stearns (U Kansas, USA)
Fiamma Straneo (Scripps, USA)
David Sutherland (U Oregon, USA)

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