125 years of internationally coordinated glacier monitoring

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125 years of internationally coordinated glacier monitoring

World Glacier Monitoring Service
Dear members of the Cryolist,

Glacier monitoring has been internationally coordinated since the
foundation of the “Commission Internationale des Glaciers” in 1894 [1].
Today, this task is continued by the scientific collaboration network of
the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) and its partner
organizations [2].

Together with IACS, we will celebrate the 125 years jubilee with a
session dedicated to “Aspects of the history of cryospheric sciences”
during the IUGG General Assembly [3] in Montréal, Canada, as well as
with our regular sessions on “Glacier monitoring from in-situ and
remotely sensed observations” at EGU [4], IUGG [3] and AGU. At all these
occasions, we welcome your contributions!

In addition, we will reflect achievements and future challenges in
glacier monitoring with our national correspondents and international
partner organizations at three regional meetings [5].

We thank our national correspondents and all principal investigators for
the great collaboration over the past years and decades and are looking
forward to continuing serving the community with standardized data on
glacier changes from around the world. The latest results are available
from our website [6, 7] and will be published in the next issue of the
Global Glacier Change Bulletin [8].

Sincerely yours

Michael Zemp, on behalf of the WGMS

+ + + +

World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)
Department of Geography
University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zurich

phone: +41-44 635 51 39
email: [hidden email]

[1] History of int. coordinated glacier monitoring:
[2] Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers: https://www.gtn-g.ch/
[3] IACS symposia at IUGG (sessions C01 & C15):
[4] Glacier monitoring @ EGU:
[5] WGMS General Assembly of National Correspondents:
[6] Current state of glaciers around the world: https://wgms.ch/faqs/
[7] Fluctuations of Glaciers Browser: https://www.wgms.ch/fogbrowser/
[8] Global Glacier Change Bulletin: https://wgms.ch/ggcb/
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