18th International Sedimentological Congress 2010 in Mendoza, Argentina

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18th International Sedimentological Congress 2010 in Mendoza, Argentina

Neil Glasser [nfg]
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Dear colleagues


The 18th International Sedimentological Congress will be held in Mendoza, Argentina between 26th September and 1st October 2010.


We invite contributions to the following Special Session:


SS-10 Glacial sediments and peat bogs
Co-organisers: J. Rabassa (Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) and N.F. Glasser (Aberystwyth Univ., UK)

We invite submissions to a Special Symposium on glacial sediments and peat bogs. Glacial sediments and peat bogs are widely distributed across the Andes and both are valuable palaeoenvironmental archives. We are interested in submissions from the full range of sedimentary environments, from terrestrial mountain environments to coastal and deep-marine glacial systems as well as site-specific descriptions of glacial sediments, peat bogs and their stratigraphy. Key themes include, but are not restricted to, subglacial and proglaciotectonic deformation of sediments, facies distribution in relation to different tectonic and climatic regimes, specific controversial glacial landforms and their interpretation, the role of ice-bed processes in controlling glacier dynamics and sedimentation, evaluations of glacial processes using geological (geophysical, geomorphological and sedimentological) evidence, reconstructions of past ice-sheet basal thermal and hydrological characteristics, ice-sheet dynamics and the manner in which debris is entrained, modified during glacial transport and deposited. General contributions to Andean glacial sedimentology and stratigraphy and studies of how modern glacial environments can aid interpretation of the ancient geological record are also welcome, as are studies that use glacial sediments and peat bogs as geochronological and palaeo-environmental indicators.


Deadline for abstract submission: 30th April 2010


Full conference details are at:




Best wishes


Neil Glasser and Jorge Rabassa




Professor Neil Glasser

Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences

Aberystwyth University

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