1st Announcement - 51st ESLAB: Extreme Habitable Worlds, 4-8th Dec. 2017

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1st Announcement - 51st ESLAB: Extreme Habitable Worlds, 4-8th Dec. 2017

Elliot Sefton-Nash
51st ESLAB Symposium: ‘Extreme Habitable Worlds' — First Announcement

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the 51st ESLAB Symposium: ‘Extreme Habitable Worlds’ will take place 4-8th December 2017 at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), The Netherlands.

This interdisciplinary Symposium will focus on key areas regarding extreme habitability on Earth, in the solar system and throughout the universe.

Major themes to be presented on and discussed may include:

- Venus, Earth, and Mars — the first 500 million years.
- Planetary processes and habitability: accretion, evolution, impacts and ingredients.
- Evolution of habitability and settings for origins of life on Earth.
- Extreme surface and subsurface habitats on Earth.
- Life support systems in extreme places and in orbit (human spaceflight).
- Making the Moon habitable.
- Mars past, current, and future habitability.
- Asteroids and small bodies.
- Outer solar system: Sub-surface habitability at the icy moons of Jupiter and
- Effects of space weather and astrophysical hazards.
- Planetary protection and measuring extreme biomarkers.
- Stellar, interstellar and interplanetary ingredients for extreme habitability.
- Engineering of travel to and exploration of Extreme Habitable Worlds.
- Finding and characterising habitable exoplanets: Proxima Centauri, Trappist-1
and beyond.
- Galactic and extragalactic habitability.
- Education, outreach, societal, philosophical & artistic views on ‘Extreme
Habitable Worlds’.

Please find further details, including key dates and logistical information, on the website:

Registration and abstract submission are scheduled to open on 16th May. We look forward to your participation.

Best regards, 

Scientific Organising Committee: B. Foing (chair) , M. Drinkwater, M.
Guainazzi, A. Heras, K. Isaak, A. Kolodziejczyk, O. Korablev (COSPAR), D.
Koschny, C. Lasseur, P. Lecomte, M. Paganini, E. Sefton-Nash, H. Svedhem, D.
Titov, J. Vago, O. Witasse, J. Zender

Local Organising Committee: E. Sefton-Nash (co-chair), B. Foing (co-chair),
M. Riemens, C. Avdellidou , R. Rudawska

Institutional support: ESA, ESTEC, ESA Science Support Office, COSPAR, ILEWG

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