2 PhD Opportunities in glacier modeling and geothermal heat flux, GFZ, Potsdam

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2 PhD Opportunities in glacier modeling and geothermal heat flux, GFZ, Potsdam

Harbor, Jonathan M.

I am looking for two PhD candidates who have MSc training  in math/geosciences/physics/related sciences to work with either:


(1) Modelling of the past, present and future evolution of central Asian and Scandinavian (Swedish) glaciers under my supervision, together with Prof. Sebastian Reich (Potsdam University) and Prof. Maik Thomas (GFZ Potsdam), and in cooperation with Prof. Arjen Stroeven and his team (Stockholm University, Sweden), Prof. Jonathan Harbor and Prof. Nathaniel Lifton (Purdue University, USA), and Elmer/Ice model developers using the existing glacier model Elmer/Ice, which will be further developed during the PhD study (development of assimilation and energy surface balance methods as a part of the Elmer/Ice model)




(2) Reconstructing the geothermal heat flux distribution under the Greenland Ice Sheet using an innovative evolutionary model of climate-ice-lithosphere system under my supervision, together with Prof. Maik Thomas (GFZ Potsdam), Prof. Rupert Klein (Free University Berlin) and "IceGeoHeat Initiative" members from 7 European countries & USA <a href="about:blank" target="_blank">www.facebook.com/IceGeoHeat. Geothermal heat flux has extremely strong effects on the dynamics of ice masses. It melts basal ice layers, creates subglacial lakes and makes the entire ice sheet slide. 


The applications will be submitted to GEOSIM (http://www.geo-x.net/geosim/home.html). Please, contact me for further details. You are also welcome to propose your own ideas for a PhD study within the framework of numerical modelling (processes related to the dynamics of the solid Earth/large ice masses/hydrological processes).


Looking forward to hearing from you!







Dr. Irina Rogozhina

Section 1.3: Earth System Modelling
Phone: +49-331-288-1943
FAX: +49-331-288-1163
[hidden email]

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Public Law Foundation State of Brandenburg
Telegrafenberg, D-14473 Potsdam



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