2 post-doc positions in Greenland Hydrology

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2 post-doc positions in Greenland Hydrology

Dr JL Wadham,
	School of Geographical Sciences
Dear Cryo-list subscribers,

Please find below details of two post doctoral positions associated with
the recently funded NERC project: "Investigating meltwater flow beneath the
Greenland Ice Sheet using a multi-tracer approach". CLOSING DATE in both
cases = 11th October 2010.

Position 1: Post Doctoral Research fellow (2.5 yrs-Bristol Glaciology

The goal of this position is to conduct a series of dye and gas tracer
investigations at a large land-terminating Greenland outlet. Tracer results
will be used to determine characteristics of englacial and subglacial
meltwater flow paths and their temporal and spatial evolution during two
full melt seasons (2011 and 2012). This will be followed by a short
numerical modelling study, in which tracer results are used to better
constrain the conditions at the bed of the ice sheet (via 1d
advection-dispersion modelling). Results will also be used, in
collaboration with the University of Aberystwyth, to calibrate and validate
a catchment scale coupled hydrological/ice flow model.

This is a highly inter-disciplinary project that seeks to enable a step
shift in the current understanding of Greenland Ice Sheet hydrology and its
relationship with ice dynamics. You should hold a PhD in Glaciology,
Geophysics, Applied Physics or Hydrology. You should be highly motivated,
have an aptitude for experimental and field science and be able to engage
fully in this challenging and multi-disciplinary project. A full driving
licence is required. Overnight stays may be anticipated as part of the job.

For further information or informal enquiries about the post please contact
either Dr Jemma Wadham (Tel: +44 (0)7833 681857,
Email:[hidden email]),Dr Stephen Burrow (Tel: +44 (0)117 33
17557, Email: [hidden email]) or Prof. Tony Payne (Tel: +44
(0)117 3314156, Email:[hidden email]

For further details see:

CLOSING DATE: 11th October


Position 2: Post Doctoral Research Assistant (2 yrs-Aerospace Engineering,

Based in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and in collaboration with
the School of Geographical Sciences, you will be involved in the
conception, design, build and field deployment of novel sensing systems to
investigate the hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

This post is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (UK) and is
a leading-edge project investigating the hydrology of the Greenland Ice
Sheet, and specifically the impact of water flow routing on ice sheet

You will have a first degree and hold a PhD in a relevant technical subject
and have experience in one or more of the following; analog/digital circuit
design; real-time programming; sensors and sensing (especially for
environmental monitoring applications); glaciological processes; hydrology.
An interest in the environment and climate change would be beneficial.

The project builds on two seasons of successful preliminary trials and is
supported by a cross disciplinary research team including members of the
Dynamics and Systems research group, the Electrical Energy Management Group
and the Bristol Glaciology Centre.

In addition to laboratory based development of sensor platforms, you will
join the summer field campaigns in Greenland to perform experiments on and
around the ice sheet. This unique opportunity will involve living and
working with a small team of engineers and scientists in a remote camp on
the edge of the ice sheet. You will work closely with a second post
doctoral researcher based in Bristol Glaciology Centre.

For further information or informal enquiries about the post please contact
either Dr Stephen Burrow (Tel: +44 (0)117 33 17557, Email:
[hidden email])or Dr Jemma Wadham (Tel: +44 (0)7833 681857,
Email:[hidden email])

For further details see,

CLOSING DATE: 11th October

Dr Jemma Wadham
Reader in Physical Geography
Bristol Glaciology Centre
School of Geographical Sciences
University Road
Email:[hidden email]
Tel: +44(0)117 331 4158
Fax: +44(0)117 928 7878
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