2012 melting record set in August

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2012 melting record set in August

Marco Tedesco-3
Dear colleagues, 

I would first like to thank all of you who expressed interested in the website 


and those who are willing to contribute. I will do my best to post your material ASAP. Please, send more. 

I also would like to bring to your attention the most recent post dealing with the new record set in 2012 by surface melting detected from spaceborne observations, a full month ahead the end of the melting season. 

If you are willing to receive the posts in your mail, please se the RSS feed link in the website. 
The near-real time data will be updated soon and there are more links to external data sets. 

Thanks for your patience. Any future message concerning this website will be delivered only through RSS feed or to those who are willing to become co-editors or contributors. 



Cryospheric Processes Laboratory, Director
Dept. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Asst. Prof. 
The Graduate Center, CUNY, Deputy Exec. Offic. EES PhD program

138th and Convent Avenue
Marshak Science Buildg., Room J106
City College of New York
New York City, NY 10031, USA
Phone: +1 2126507027
Cell: + 2023754884
Fax: +1 2126506482

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