3-year climate science postdoc at Victoria University, New Zealand

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3-year climate science postdoc at Victoria University, New Zealand

James Renwick

Postdoctoral Fellow in Climate Science: Vacancy 2685 at https://www.victoria.ac.nz/about/careers/current-vacancies


Applications close 31 March 2019.


We are seeking applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow to join the physical geography team at Victoria University of Wellington supporting the Head of School, Professor James Renwick. 


The successful candidate will work with Professor Renwick to conduct climate research and teaching aligned with Prof Renwick’s existing research and the Postdoctoral Fellow’s current and evolving research. This research will address topics such as understanding links between zonal wave three, Antarctic sea ice and Southern Hemisphere climate extremes, the Southern Annular Mode, Southern Hemisphere climate change, and other research programmes developed during the course of the Research Fellow’s appointment.


The position also involves a contribution to teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in geography, physical geography, climate science, and environmental science, as appropriate.


This position requires a PhD in Physical Geography, climate science, or related discipline, or evidence that a thesis has been submitted for examination. This position requires practical and theoretical knowledge in climate variability and atmospheric science, including familiarity with large-scale data processing and multivariate statistical data analysis.



Dr James Renwick

Professor and Head of School

School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Victoria University of Wellington



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