6th Antarctic Peninsula Climate Change workshop, Leeds, 22-23 July 2010

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6th Antarctic Peninsula Climate Change workshop, Leeds, 22-23 July 2010

Noel Gourmelen
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6th Antarctic Peninsula Climate Change, APCC, workshop to be held on the 22 July - 23 July 2010 in Leeds, UK


We are pleased to announce that the School of Earth and Environment will host the 6th international workshop on Antarctic Peninsula Climate Change on July 22-23 2010. The meeting will include presentations of recent climatological, oceanographic, environmental, and glaciological research in the Antarctic Peninsula. A primary objective of the meeting is to synthesize current knowledge and research on each of the Cryosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere systems as well as feedback mechanism between each of the systems. The meeting will also be a chance to discuss future directions of research and collaborative projects.

The meeting will consist of  keynote lectures, contributed talks, poster sessions, and breakout sessions for collaborative field research planning. We will soon send a follow-up announcement to the 2010 APCC workshop website which will contain additional information. 

In the mean time, please send any queries to [hidden email]

Looking forward to seeing you in Leeds,

The organizing committee


Noel Gourmelen, University of Leeds

Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds

Adrian Jenkins, British Antarctic Survey

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