6th Snow Science Winter School: registration is open

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6th Snow Science Winter School: registration is open

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that registration for the 6th Snow Science Winter School is now open.
It will take place on 16-22 February 2020, at Col du Lautaret, French Alps.

The Snow Science Winter School aims to teach modern techniques of snow measurements, based on a field training and theoretical lessons.

It includes field work with state-of-the-art instruments (specific surface area by reflection and spectroscopy, near-infrared photography, high-resolution penetrometry, micro-tomography, etc).

For the 2020 edition, a special focus will be on snow in a changing climate, impact on human and nature.

Any graduate student or post-doc working on snow or in some snow related field is welcome to participate.

The course corresponds to 3 ECTS-Points.

Application is open till October, 20th, 2019.

For information and application, please visit:

Marie Dumont and Neige Calonne

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