A cruise on the Yenisei : don't miss the boat - Last chance

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A cruise on the Yenisei : don't miss the boat - Last chance

Last chance for a cruise on the Yenisei River this summer : Please
submit your registration form before deadline on 20 April 2017

Dear colleagues and friends!

A second edition of Lower Yenisei Observation Network Workshop will
take place in August 2017, as convened in 2015. We are inviting you to
participate in this amazing event, at once scientific and social, aboard
a passenger cruise ship Aleksandr Matrosov, on its scheduled passage
from Krasnoyarsk to Igarka!
Climate change in the high latitudes is amplified, as compared to
temperate regions. This makes Arctic and Subarctic ecosystems a focal
point for numerous research disciplines. The Yenisei is the largest
Arctic river in terms of annual runoff, but it remains the least studied
catchment in this region. The aim of the LYON2 workshop is to exchange
our findings, share our knowledge and to federate our research efforts
in the Yenisei basin. We also welcome prospective research speech based
on previous research done in the Arctic region.

The LYON2 registration form can be filled via the following link:

Please note that a student summer school, « Arctic Hydrology and
Freshwater Biogeochemistry », will be organized ahead boat departure in
Krasnoyarsk and within the LYON2 framework co–jointly by Siberian
Federal University and Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience,
First LYON2 circular (attached) will provide you with further details.

Registration form submission deadline: 20 April 2017.

We will be grateful if you forward this message to your colleagues who
can find the scope of the workshop relevant to their research.

With best regards,
on behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Roman Teisserenc and Nikita I. Tananaev

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