A great loss for the glaciological community

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A great loss for the glaciological community

Magnus Magnusson

Dear Cryolist members


The glaciological community has suffered a great loss this past week.


Firstly, Almut Iken died. She joined the International Glaciological Society in 1969 and the first and she is so far the only woman to receive the IGS Seligman Crystal. Almut’s scientific work has been guided by an extremely methodological approach, and always with an open mind towards new methods. She was one the first researchers to use finite element methods with a free boundary to simulate glacier flow and to seriously consider the role of water in basal motion. Almut was one of the main driving forces behind the significant advances in this field for over twenty years. The lasting impact of Almut Iken’s work can be appreciated in the light of new studies on subglacial drainage system evolution that are currently being applied to the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet.


A few days later, former IGS President, Lorne Gold died. He was a long standing member of the IGS, having joined back in 1957. He served as IGS President for the period 1978-1981.


Full obituaries will appear online and in the IGS newsletter ICE in due course.



All the best




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