ACCAP Alaska Climate Webinar: Understanding the Arctic Through A Co-Production of Knowledge

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ACCAP Alaska Climate Webinar: Understanding the Arctic Through A Co-Production of Knowledge

Tina Buxbaum
Hello All,

ACCAP has another great webinar lined up.  Hope you can join us and hope you are enjoying the sunlight and had a fantastic Easter.

Do let me (Tina Buxbaum, [hidden email]) know if you are interested in hosting a satellite viewing site.  Flyer attached.



Alaska Climate Webinar Series - Understanding the Arctic Through A Co-Production of Knowledge
Carolina Behe, Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska
Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Kawerak, Inc.
Raychelle Daniel, The Pew Charitable Trust
Wednesday, 11 April 2018
10-11:00am  AKDT

To register for the webinar, please follow the registration link available at:

The Arctic is changing at an accelerated rate due to climate change and increased anthropogenic activity. Given the rate of change, never has it been more important to work toward a holistic understanding of the Arctic’s interconnecting systems. A co-production of knowledge framework will provide the holistic view and comprehension needed to inform effective and adaptive policies and practices. We underscore the role and value of different knowledge systems with different methodologies and the need for collaborative approaches in identifying research questions. We will present the most important components that form a co-production of knowledge framework.

Available in-person in IARC/Akasofu 407 on the UAF Campus or online 

Registration and more information available at:

Tina Buxbaum
Program Manager
Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
2160 Koyukuk Drive * P.O. Box 757245 * Fairbanks, AK 99775
Phone: 907-474-7812 * Fax: 907-474-5662
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