AGU 2017: session on air-snow/ice chemistry

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AGU 2017: session on air-snow/ice chemistry

Markus Frey
the abstract submissions deadline to this year’s AGU meeting is this Wednesday Aug 2. If you haven’t made up your mind yet please consider submitting your contribution to the session below co-organised with Atmospheric Sciences. 

Polar regions, as well as other cold regions, play important roles in the Earth system. However, the complex processes and feedbacks controlling atmospheric composition and their impacts on air quality and climate are poorly understood, particularly in the Arctic, where rapid change is occurring. Physical, chemical, and biological processes in the atmosphere, snow/ice, ocean, and biosphere influence atmospheric trace gas and aerosol abundances and properties, as well as cloud properties and precipitation and ecosystem chemical cycling. Anthropogenic and natural emissions, as well as long-range transport and deposition of atmospheric constituents have consequences for ecosystems, human health, and polar/global climate change. This session invites contributions reporting on recent progress through observation, modeling, and laboratory studies aiming to understand properties and/or processes related to atmospheric composition of polar/cold regions including studies of aerosol/trace gas emissions, transport, processing, cloud interactions, snow and ice interactions/trace constituent recycling, deposition, and climatic, ecological and societal impacts.

on behalf of all session conveners,

Markus M. Frey, PhD
British Antarctic Survey
High Cross - Madingley Road
CB3 0ET Cambridge, UK

Skype: citlaltepetl2006 
phone: +44 1223 221268

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