AGU 2018: GRACE-FO and ICESat-2

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AGU 2018: GRACE-FO and ICESat-2

Thomas A. Neumann

Dear Colleagues-


As GRACE-FO continues through commissioning and ICESat-2 moves rapidly toward launch (12 September 2018), we want to draw your attention to AGU Session C020 (GRACE-FO and ICESat-2: NASA’s Newest Missions for Cryospheric Science).  We invite submissions that: showcase the achievements of GRACE and ICESat; demonstrate the advantages of combining these two disparate measurements; look forward to studies with GRACE-FO and ICESat-2, including initial observations; and studies that assess optimally linking past, current, and future cryosphere observations.




See you December!

-Felix Landerer (JPL) and Tom Neumann (GSFC)


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