AGU 2018, S008: Environmental Seismology session

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AGU 2018, S008: Environmental Seismology session

Aurélien Mordret
Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to invite abstract submissions to the first session on environmental seismology (S008) at AGU this year. Please consider contributing to this interdisciplinary session!

(S008) Environmental seismology: using geophysical tools for Earth surface processes research
Recent work has highlighted the generation of elastic waves by processes at or near the Earth’s surface, and seismic techniques are being utilized to examine an increasingly diverse range of processes, hazards and materials. Seismic detection, monitoring and characterization methods can provide continuous, real-time data with high temporal resolution and broad spatial coverage of multiple sources and inaccessible environments. Areas of recent advancement include: mass movement (landslides, rockfalls, debris flows, lahars); hydrologic (groundwater, open water waves/tides, outburst floods, turbulence, sediment transport), cryospheric (avalanches, icequakes, calving, ice fracture/deformation, glacial hydrology/sliding), atmospheric and oceanic (microseisms, extreme weather, gravity waves) phenomena; use of large-N arrays; 4-d imaging of substrate, material, and structural attributes; and anthropogenic sources.

This session connects scientists applying theoretical, field-based and experimental seismic methods to Earth surface and near-surface dynamics. We invite contributions from geomorphology, cryospheric sciences, seismology, hazards, volcanology, soil sciences, rock mechanics, hydrology, and related fields.

Co-Organized Sections:
EP - Earth and Planetary Surface Processes
H - Hydrology
C - Cryosphere

Cross-Listed Sections:
OS - Ocean Sciences
NS - Near Surface Geophysics
NH - Natural Hazards
A - Atmospheric Sciences

From AGU:
“For the first time, the AGU Fall Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C., where we will mark the launch AGU’s Centennial.  A wide variety of events are being planned that will take advantage of this special location that will showcase our science to the U.S. and international policy community, students, and public); leverage the local scientific community, including events with the Smithsonian, National Academies, and others; and, offer field trips to view the local geology and research institutes. The Fall Meeting will also offer more workshops as well as new Tutorial sessions to help students and researchers learn about new approaches and techniques and introduce exciting science in other disciplines.

Additional information, including everything you need to know about abstract submission is here:  Please consider submitting an abstract and/or attending to help show “What Science Stands For” and to join in an exciting and informative start to AGU’s Centennial. Submissions received by the early deadline of 25 July have a chance to win a $100 US gift card.”

Danica Roth, Aurélien Mordret, Bradley Lipovsky, and Micha Dietze

Postdoctoral associate
Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307
phone: 617-253-5051

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