AGU 2019: C022 - Investigating the Feedbacks between Solid Earth Properties and the Cryosphere

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AGU 2019: C022 - Investigating the Feedbacks between Solid Earth Properties and the Cryosphere

Aurélien Mordret

Dear colleagues, 

We are excited to invite abstract submissions to our session on the interactions between the Solid Earth and the Cryosphere (C022)! 

AGU 2019 abstracts are now being accepted!

Please consider submitting an abstract to AGU session C022 “Investigating the Feedbacks between Solid Earth Properties and the Cryosphere”.  The associated session description is provided below, and other details can be found at  The abstract submission deadline is July 31, 2019.  Hope to see you in San Francisco!

As our climate continues to warm, the future behavior of the ice sheets is a growing concern. Climatic factors clearly play an important role, but non-climatic factors, such as tectonic, geothermal, and GIA forcings, also have significant influence on ice sheet behavior. However, these factors are often not well constrained. This session is inspired by the SCAR-SERCE program and the IASC, which are aimed at improving our understanding of the interactions between the solid Earth and the cryosphere. We encourage contributions from a wide variety of studies related to the structure and geodynamic evolution in Greenland and Antarctica and how these parameters influence the ice sheets. Contributions may include active- and passive-source seismic analyses, geological and geophysical investigations, geodetic studies, heat flux measurements, ice sheet and GIA modeling, and other related topics. We aim to highlight investigations that elucidate the feedbacks between Earth structure and the overlying ice sheet.

Samantha Hansen
Natalya Gomez
Ricarda Dziadek
Aurelien Mordret


Postdoctoral associate
Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA  02139-4307
phone: 617-253-5051

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