AGU 2019 - Freshwater Ice Remote Sensing session

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AGU 2019 - Freshwater Ice Remote Sensing session

Gunn, Grant

Dear Colleagues,


Please consider submitting your 2019 AGU abstracts to this session focusing on freshwater ice. This session aims to bring together studies including remote sensing analysis of frozen rivers, ponds, lakes, or any waterbody of interest.


C033 – Remote Sensing of Freshwater Ice


Frozen freshwater lakes and rivers are integral components of biological, chemical and hydrological systems in Arctic and subarctic regions, covering 2% of Earth’s land surface. The presence of freshwater ice has numerous implications, including economic (ice road transportation, hydroelectric power generation), climatic (landscape-scale atmosphere heat inputs), and habitat (fish overwintering). The thickness and timing of ice development and melt can be a proxy for observing changes in climate. Use of optical, thermal, and microwave remote sensing has improved the ability to monitor ice properties absent of (or in combination with) manual observations. This session aims to share recent research on the observation and quantification of freshwater ice properties on rivers and lakes using a range of remote sensing datasets and techniques. The session will bring together presentations detailing how remote sensing can advance understanding of frozen fresh waterbodies, with methods including polarimetry, interferometry, time series analysis, machine learning, and/or algorithm development.


Thank you!


Grant Gunn Michigan State University/ Claude Duguay – University of Waterloo/ Samuel Tuttle – Mount Holyoke College/ Dorothy Hall – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



Grant Gunn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences

Michigan State University

673 Auditorium Rd, Rm 212


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