AGU 2019 Session: EP007 - Catching Cosmic Rays: call for submissions.

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AGU 2019 Session: EP007 - Catching Cosmic Rays: call for submissions.

Simon Pendleton
Dear Colleagues,

Do you work with cosmogenic nuclides in novel ways? Consider submitting to the Fall 2019 AGU session: EP007 - Catching Cosmic Rays: Advances in Using Cosmogenic Nuclides to Quantify Earth Surface Processes.” A detailed session description is provided below.
 Remember, abstracts are due July 31!

Session description:

Over the past 40 years, cosmogenic radionuclide (CRN) geochemistry has transformed the study of Earth surface processes, making it possible to date the incision of the world’s deepest canyons, derive basin-wide erosion rates from the world’s largest catchments, reconstruct the history of glaciers at high latitudes, and quantify weathering rates on rapidly eroding hillslopes. Novel CRN approaches have the potential to provide new insights into the varied processes that shape Earth’s surface, ranging in scale from local to global. In this session, we invite contributions that advance the application of CRN for quantifying Earth surface processes, including, but not limited to: paleoclimate reconstruction, quantification of sediment storage dynamics, rapid or long-term landscape change, applications and/or cross-calibration of multiple nuclide and/or multiple mineral systems, production rate calibration, and improved laboratory or measurement techniques.

Many thanks from your conveners,
Simon Pendleton, Alia Lesnek, and Marisa Repasch

Simon Pendleton, PhD 
University of Colorado Boulder
Dept. of Geological Sciences
UCB 399
Boulder, CO 80309-0399

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