AGU 2019 Session: “Feedbacks Between Volcanism, Topography, and Climate”

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AGU 2019 Session: “Feedbacks Between Volcanism, Topography, and Climate”




Apologies in advance for any cross postings.  We would like to draw your attention to our AGU 2019 session “Feedbacks Between Volcanism, Topography, and Climate” (, which is broadly aimed at feedbacks between magmatic processes, the climate system, and surface processes. This session is intended to explore processes linking the evolution of crustal magmatic systems, climate histories, and topography, and will include invited talks from Peter Huybers and Meredith Townsend. We welcome abstracts on all aspects of these feedbacks, and particularly encourage contributions from early career researchers.


Please note that abstracts are due July 31, 2019, and please reach out to us with any questions.


Thank you,

Emily Mixon



Brad Singer

Shaun Marcott

Ken Ferrier



Emily Mixon

Graduate Student

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Geoscience

(512) 913-1034 | [hidden email]


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