AGU Fall Meeting Session - C010: Diagnosis of Hydrological Change in Cold Regions

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AGU Fall Meeting Session - C010: Diagnosis of Hydrological Change in Cold Regions

DeBeer, Chris

Dear colleagues,


We encourage you to submit an abstract to our session, Diagnosis of Hydrological Change in Cold Regions, at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting.    

Session Description:

In recent decades warming trends and other changes in climate have driven major and rapid changes in landscapes, ecology, cryosphere, and hydrology, especially in high latitude and mountainous cold regions. Hydrological responses have often been complex and spatially and temporally variable as a result of multiple interacting processes, sometimes compensatory, and there is a need to diagnose and better understand the causes and underlying mechanisms of response to be able to improve model projections of future change. This session invites papers that address the analysis and diagnosis of hydrological change in cold regions using observations and models. Key questions to be addressed include how have hydrological processes and their interactions changed in response to climatic drivers, what are the feedbacks and thresholds leading to system changes, and/or what factors impart hydrological resilience or lack thereof?

Primary Convener:  Howard S. Wheater, University of Saskatchewan, Global Institute for Water Security, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Conveners:  John W Pomeroy, University of Saskatchewan, Centre for Hydrology, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Dennis P Lettenmaier, University of California Los Angeles, Department of Geography, Los Angeles, CA, United States and Chris M DeBeer, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada






Chris DeBeer, Ph.D.

Science Manager, Global Water Futures Programme

Changing Cold Regions Network Manager


Global Institute for Water Security

University of Saskatchewan


National Hydrology Research Centre
11 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, SK S7N 3H5 Canada

Tel: (306) 966-6224

Email: [hidden email]




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