AGU: Geomorphic and hydrologic response in periglacial Critical Zones

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AGU: Geomorphic and hydrologic response in periglacial Critical Zones

Sarah Evans-2
Dear Colleagues,

We welcome submissions of abstracts to a new session on geomorphic and hydrologic responses in periglacial Critical Zones at the Fall 2018 AGU meeting.  Details of the session (EP047) follow.


Sarah Evans (Appalachian State University)
Jill Marshall (University of Arkansas)
Dorothy Merritts (Franklin & Marshall College)
Josh Roering (University of Oregon)


Session Description:
Shattered rock, frost heave, rapid sediment transport and characteristic landforms such as polygonal cracks, thermal karst and solifluction lobes are hallmarks of periglacial settings. In these landscapes, water availability, both liquid and frozen, is a key driver of physical rock weathering, erosion, and subsequent transport downslope. With rapid shifts in the seasonality of frozen vs. liquid water in a warming climate, understanding controls on a) biotic and abiotic weathering, b) hillslope-channel connectivity, c) surface-subsurface connectivity, and d) transport of fluid and sediment has implications for predicting changes in sediment, hydrologic and nutrient fluxes. This session seeks contributions from hydrologists, geomorphologists, and the broader cryosphere community to advance our understanding of water-driven subsidence, rock weathering (e.g. frost cracking), and transport processes in cold climate settings - both mountainous and gentle. These include, but are not limited to, studies utilizing field observations, geochemical tools, remote sensing datasets, geophysical techniques, and numerical modeling.

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