AGU-H100 - Multi-source Remote Sensing of Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

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AGU-H100 - Multi-source Remote Sensing of Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

Jerome Benveniste

Dear Colleagues,

Now that the traffic for OSTST abstracts has wound down, let us bring to your attention the following AGU 2019 Fall Meeting session in San Francisco, 09-13 December 2019:

H100 - Multi-source Remote Sensing of Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands

Session ID#: 85504

Session Description:
Surface water processes play an essential role in Earth systems. However, these processes are not fully understood at regional to global scales. Optical and microwave satellite remote sensing offers the potential to address knowledge gaps in surface water entities, including rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands. Multi-source remote sensing data can not only facilitate an improved understanding of the long term variability and trends of surface water processes, but can also provide observations on a near real-time basis for monitoring and prediction, particularly in data-sparse regions.

We are soliciting abstracts that employ multi-source remotely sensed data to study surface water processes (e.g., river discharge, lake volume variation, wetland inundation), and support the development of novel applications (e.g., new algorithms/datasets, integration with models). The session focuses on, but is not limited to, exploring the roles of surface water bodies and wetlands in water management, hydrological cycles, ecosystem services, and land-atmosphere interactions.

(sent also to the Cryolist mailing list to cover the Arctic Rivers as well!)

Please submit abstracts before Wednesday, 31 July

Looking forward to seeing you at this session,

Jérôme Benveniste, European Space Agency/ESA-ESRIN, Italy
Huilin Gao, Texas A&M University, USA
Ben DeVries, University of Maryland, USA
Peirong Lin, Princeton University, USA
Ethan J Shavers, USGS Geological Survey, USA

 Dr. Jérôme Benveniste

 Senior Advisor - European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN)
 Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes
 EO Science, Applications and Future Technologies Dpt
 Largo Galileo Galilei, 1,  Frascati (Roma), I-00044, Italy
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