AGU - Post-LGM Antarctic Ice Sheet Contraction (Session ID# 26643)

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AGU - Post-LGM Antarctic Ice Sheet Contraction (Session ID# 26643)

Slawek Tulaczyk-2

Dear Colleagues,

The retreat of Antarctic ice sheet after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) provides important insights into its potential susceptibility to rapid changes in the future. The AGU Session #26643 provides a forum for sharing recent observations and modeling results elucidating post-LGM evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet. Invited speakers are Jonathan Kingslake (LDEO / Columbia U.) and Brad E. Rosenheim (University of South Florida).

We welcome your contributions and look forward to an exciting session focused on an important and timely topic. 


Phil Bart, Slawek Tulaczyk, Julia Wellner (conveners)

Session Description: During the LGM, the Antarctic Ice Sheets (AISs) were grounded near the continental-shelf edge. In post-LGM time, the ice sheets retreated and the ice-sheet surface lowered.  Ice-sheet contraction is recorded by backstepping grounding zone wedges.  In the continental interiors, ice-sheet deflation is recorded by exposure of formerly ice-covered land.  Sea-level rise has long been suggested as a driver of AIS retreat but satellite and physical oceanographic measurements demonstrate that melting at the grounding lines in places is related to warm ocean water.  Uncertainty concerning the existence and strength of various teleconnections is due to two factors: 1) the laboriousness of acquiring aerially extensive surveys needed to make detailed ice-sheet reconstructions; and 2) the difficulty in achieving accurate dating of marine sediments and of terrestrial exposure surfaces, making comparison of ice-sheet reconstructions across regions tenuous.  We welcome both terrestrial and marine field-based studies and numerical modeling of the post-LGM AIS retreat.

Prof. Slawek Tulaczyk, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UCSC, CA 95064, USA; phone 831-459-5207, fax 831-459-3074

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