AGU Session A121: Surface-atmosphere interactions in the Arctic and Antarctic

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AGU Session A121: Surface-atmosphere interactions in the Arctic and Antarctic

Webster, Melinda A. (GSFC-6150)

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to consider submitting your abstract to session A121:
“Surface-atmosphere interactions in the Arctic and Antarctic” for the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting.

Recent, rapid changes in the cryospheric cover of the polar regions have significant implications for human activities and global climate. The surface properties of sea ice, snow, and ice sheets are influenced by exchanges of energy and moisture with the overlying atmosphere, which in turn affects atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles, boundary layer structure, and cloud properties. Understanding the complex interactions within the Arctic and Antarctic cryospheric systems requires innovative observational and modeling applications. This session invites contributions on recent activities and insights on polar atmospheric processes and their physical, chemical, and biological interactions with polar surfaces. We welcome papers that apply novel uses of in situ, satellite, and aircraft observational campaigns such as MOSAiC, AC3, and ARISE, and coordinated modeling activities for improving polar predictability. Topics related to boundary layer structure, surface energy and mass budgets, and surface coupling with cloud and aerosol processes are encouraged.

The meeting webpage is located at .

We hope to see you back in delightful San Francisco, thank you!
Richard Cullather, Linette Boisvert, Patrick Taylor, & Melinda Webster


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