AGU Session: Blue and Green Water in the Mountains

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AGU Session: Blue and Green Water in the Mountains

Keith Musselman-2

Please consider submitting an abstract to the following AGU Fall Meeting session H082:

Blue and Green Water in the Mountains: Water Supply, Extreme Events, and Ecological Responses in Snow and Glacier-fed Catchments

Mountain snow and ice serve as important hydrologic reservoirs, storing cold season precipitation for melt, runoff, and plants during the growing season. With warming winters, changes in precipitation phase and melt energy are shifting soil water recharge and meltwater hydrographs, with consequences for mountain ecology, water management, and rain-on-snow flood risk. Important questions for mountain regions include: (1) What are key interactions among biota, climate, snow/ice, and water? (2) How do these processes co-evolve or decouple in response to environmental change? and (3) What can we learn from limited observation about how mountain systems respond to long-term shifts? Complex interacting processes and fine-scale climatic variability present significant challenges to answering these questions. We invite contributions addressing linkages between environmental change and cryospheric, hydrologic, and ecological processes in mountain systems.

Invited Speakers:

Connie Millar (USFS)

Anna Bergstrom (University of Colorado Boulder)



Keith Musselman, Lara Kueppers, Jia Hu, and Kendra Kaiser

Keith Musselman
[hidden email]

Research Associate
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

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