AGU Session C009 on Atmospheric Moisture in the Arctic Climate System

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AGU Session C009 on Atmospheric Moisture in the Arctic Climate System

Richard Cullather

Hello hello. We invite you to consider submitting your abstract to our
session on “Atmospheric moisture in the Arctic climate system” for the
AGU 2018 Fall Meeting.

By referring to atmospheric moisture, we aim to focus on several
overlapping topics in recent Arctic studies that include the role of
evolving cloud properties and water vapor on observed warming trends,
precipitation processes and their effects on sea ice cover, and
uncertainty in modeling and observational records of atmospheric
moisture and precipitation.

We hope to see you in DC, thanks!
Richard Cullather, Linette Boisvert, Melinda Webster,
& Alek Petty

Session Title: C009. Atmospheric moisture in the Arctic climate system
Section/Focus Group: Cryosphere
Session Description:
The session aim is to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion among
those studying Arctic cloud and water vapor properties, precipitation
characteristics, and their role in evolving Arctic surface conditions.
In the Arctic, recent attention has focused on atmospheric moisture as a
potential catalyst for observed warm surface temperatures in recent
winters, and in the reduction of sea ice cover throughout the year.
Evolving snow and rainfall characteristics have also been the subject of
attention for understanding Arctic climate variability. A quantitative
understanding of snowfall is also important for remote sensing of sea
ice volume via satellite altimetry methods, which calls attention to
dissimilar Arctic accumulation estimates among various models. These
topics are inherently linked through the treatment of atmospheric
moisture, its application in remote sensing methods and in model
representations. This session invites papers that address the analysis,
diagnosis, and modeling of Arctic clouds, water vapor, and precipitation
processes using innovative approaches.

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Richard Cullather
ESSIC, University of Maryland at College Park
c/o NASA/GSFC Code 610.1 (Bldg. 33 / Rm. G125A)     Tel: +1 301 614-5668
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