AGU Session C037: Snowcover and Vegetation Interactions

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AGU Session C037: Snowcover and Vegetation Interactions

Jessica D. Lundquist
We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU session.

C037:  Snowcover -- Vegetation Interactions

The storage and modulated release of water from seasonal snowpacks are
major components of hydrologic systems, particularly in vegetated
mountainous and boreal areas. Vegetation affects snowcover deposition
and ablation processes and patterns, and snowcovers likewise affect
ecological processes that control patterns of vegetation. Presentations
are solicited that deal with all aspects of interactions between
vegetation and seasonal snowpacks. Presentations are encouraged that
focus on the impact of canopies on snowcover energetics, measurement and
modeling techniques for vegetated areas, effects of climatic variability
and change on coupled snow-vegetation systems, and impacts of snowpack
dynamics on ecological processes and patterns.

Invited presenters include Tobias Jonas, Noah Molotch, and Richard Essery.

Thank you!
Jessica Lundquist and Tim Link

Jessica Lundquist
Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
Wilcox 165  Box 352700
Seattle, WA 98195-2700

phone: 206-685-7594
fax: 206-685-3836
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