AGU Session - Drivers of Change in the High-Mountain Water Cycle

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AGU Session - Drivers of Change in the High-Mountain Water Cycle

Jakob Steiner

Dear Colleagues,


We’d like to point your attention to our session on the high-mountain water cycle at AGU2019, “C012 - Drivers of Change in the High-Mountain Water Cycle”.


This session brings together studies that focus on integrating observations, remote sensing and numerical models with the aim to understand present and future glacio-, hydro- and meteorological processes in mountainous regions. It focuses on advances in understanding high-altitude meteorology, feedbacks between the cryosphere and atmosphere, glacier and snow dynamics, climate change impacts and the associated hydrological response. The session welcomes in particular studies that: i) link results from atmospheric modeling to the high-altitude water cycle, (ii) advance the process understanding of glaciers, snow and the hydrological cycle, (iii) quantify hydrometeorological extremes, and (iv) assess impacts of climate change using process-based modeling.


We have two exciting invited speakers – McKenzie Skiles and Brian Menounos – and we hope to see many more in San Francisco this December.



on behalf of Dave, Walter and Summer


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