AGU Session GC 25 Active Layer Dynamics Under Climate Warming

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AGU Session GC 25 Active Layer Dynamics Under Climate Warming

Reginald Muskett
Dear All,

We welcome your abstract submissions to Global Environment Change Session GC25, 
Active Layer Dynamics Under Climate Warming.


Of course thaw-slumps and rock glaciers are but two examples.  Dynamics covers the 
entire temporal spectrum from diurnal-seasonal to reactivation of Pleistocene structures 
and from mm-scale heave and subsidence to the large scale detachments.

Abstract submissions will be accepted through August 4.

Students, the deadline for Student Travel Grants is August 4.

We are looking forward to see you in San Francisco in December.

With kind regards,

Reginald R. Muskett, Geophysical Institute
Ronald P. Daanen, Institute of Northern Engineering UAF

Dr. Reginald R. Muskett, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Geophysical Institute
P.O. Box 757320
903 Koyukuk Dr.
407A Elvey Bldg.
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320
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