AGU Session: Land Use/Cover Change and Water Resources

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AGU Session: Land Use/Cover Change and Water Resources

Sam Zipper
Hi Cryolisters-
I wanted to bring your attention to an AGU session I'm co-convening, "H126: Understanding the extent and impacts of land-use/land-cover change on water resources". We are not crosslisted with the cryosphere section so, as a researcher working on permafrost hydrogeology, I wanted to specifically reach out to the cold regions community to bring the session to your attention. In particular, ecohydrological processes relevant to the cryosphere (e.g. the shrubification of the arctic or changing fire regimes) would fall within the scope of the session.

Land-use and land cover change have the potential to drastically alter the hydrologic cycle and alter the spatiotemporal movements of water resources. The emerging challenges of land system changes from a natural resource perspective are (1) Observing/estimating land-use and land-cover change and (2) Quantifying/predicting subsequent hydrologic impacts. This session invites submissions that use emerging geospatial techniques such as remote sensing, modeling, assimilation of observed vegetation characteristics, and in situ observations like isotopes. Studies are welcomed that quantify hydrologically-relevant landscape change and/or examine land-use and land-cover impacts on: (i) Regional water balance/water resource change; (ii) groundwater resources/groundwater-surface water interactions; (iii) Subsurface-land-atmosphere feedbacks; (iv) Regional climate/drought characteristics; (v) Hydro-chemical fluxes and nutrient cycling. We also welcome studies exploring disturbance from natural versus anthropogenic sources and those dealing with uncertainty in selection of land cover datasets, statistical methods, or numerical modeling.

Apologies for any cross-listings, and hope to see you in New Orleans!

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