AGU Session Reminder: "Water Supply in Glacierized Mountain Watersheds"

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AGU Session Reminder: "Water Supply in Glacierized Mountain Watersheds"

Jeff La Frenierre

As you prepare your abstracts for the AGU Fall Meeting in time for the August 8 submission deadline, we'd like to highlight once more the following session related to the hydrological impacts of glacier change. We are pleased to note that Wilfried Haeberli (Univ. of Zurich), Walter Immerzeel (FutureWater), and Regine Hock (Univ. of Alaska-Fairbanks) will be participating as invited presenters. 

Session Topic: Global Environmental Change (GC)
Session Abbreviation: GC059
Session Title: Water Supply in Glacierized Mountain Watersheds - Monitoring Hydrological Transitions and Assessing Vulnerability in a Changing Climate

Session Hosts:
Jeff La Frenierre, Ohio State University ([hidden email])
Richard Armstrong, University of Colorado ([hidden email])
Bryan Mark, Ohio State University-Byrd Polar Rsrch Ctr ([hidden email])
Daene Mckinney, University of Texas at Austin ([hidden email])

Session Description:
"Mountain glaciers provide essential water supplies to downstream biophysical and human systems.
Buffering against precipitation variability, such glaciers help ensure a steady supply of water during
otherwise dry conditions. As mountain glaciers respond to a changing climate, the potential
hydrological consequences encompass topics as varied as altered biodiversity, natural hazards
vulnerability, and social resilience. This session aims to integrate research into the myriad implications
of these glacier-related hydrological changes and we welcome contributions that advance our
knowledge of the challenges facing mountain watersheds worldwide."

Abstract submission can be done via

Kind regards,

Jeff, Richard, Bryan and Daene

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