AGU: The Cryosphere's Only eLightning Multi-Media Session

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AGU: The Cryosphere's Only eLightning Multi-Media Session

Adam Winstral

An AGU Cryosphere session that definitively differs from all the others!!

The Cryosphere’s only eLightning session at this year’s AGU!

If you would like to present your work while including dynamic multi-media visualizations in a vibrant, discussion-focused setting then please submit an abstract to Visualizing the Dynamic Cryosphere (C042) session:

Session Description:

New observational technologies and analytical techniques are producing ever more data in our effort to understand cryospheric processes and characterize cryospheric change. This session seeks to capitalize on these datasets and techniques through their presentation in the richest possible media. This eLightning session enables cryospheric scientists to present their research at interactive touch screen displays ideal for high resolution imagery, videos, animations, and audio. These digital "posters" have room for unlimited content, enabling conversations to proceed to greater depths than are traditionally possible. For this novel and dynamic session, we solicit submissions that span the cryospheric sciences, including sea ice, seasonal snow, permafrost, glaciers, and ice sheets.

Additional details on eLightning sessions can be found here:

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