AGU abstracts due in 1 week! Submit to P020!

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AGU abstracts due in 1 week! Submit to P020!

Catherine Walker
Hi everyone, just a reminder that AGU abstracts are due in 1 WEEK - or, if you submit by TONIGHT, you have a small chance of winning a gift card. Better than no chance!

We'd like to remind you about our session and invite you to consider submitting your work. It's cross-listed in Planetary Sciences, Cryosphere, and Ocean Sciences.

Session P020, "From the Earth to the Moons: Unraveling the Geologic, Oceanographic and Chemical Mysteries of Ice and Ocean Worlds" brings together studies of ice and ocean worlds (including Earth!) and the associated geological, geochemical and oceanographic processes that might contribute to the evolution (habitability included) of ices, oceans and their interactions.

Link for more info:

We have exciting invited talks planned from Peter Girguis (Harvard) and Krista Soderlund (UT-Austin), and we hope to see you there in Washington, DC!

Catherine Walker (JPL)
Chris German (WHOI)
Steve Vance (JPL)
Britney Schmidt (Georgia Tech)

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