AGU session: Applications in Snow Hydrology

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AGU session: Applications in Snow Hydrology

Ryan Webb

Hi Everyone,

Here's another great AGU session for your consideration to submit to this year!

Session ID: 54299 
Session Title: H022. Applications in Snow Hydrology: Linking Seasonal Snow to Natural Processes and Society 
Section/Focus Group: Hydrology

Invited Speakers: 
Dr. Jessica Lundquist, University of Washington
Dr. Anne Nolin, Oregon State University / University of Nevada, Reno

Session Description:
Snow plays a critical role in the water and energy cycles; however, in-depth understanding of its role in natural and human systems has been limited by a lack of reliable observations. Advances in field measurements, remote sensing, and modeling capabilities are critical for linking snowpack information to broader processes and understanding how climate dynamics impact the historical/future water supply and infrastructure. This session invites submissions focusing on innovative approaches linking snow to broader fields that address important questions such as: How do extreme events and variability in snow affect the hydrologic cycle, environment, energy sector, resource management, infrastructure, etc.? What recent advancements in snow hydrology better inform these fields? How can these advances better characterize runoff and its linkage to other processes in cold regions? We welcome submissions connecting snow to water and energy cycles across various spatiotemporal scales pertaining to hazards, streamflow forecasting, hydropower, ecology, agriculture, etc.

Thanks again for your consideration. We look forward receiving your abstract and seeing you in DC!

Best regards,
Ryan Webb, Dongyue Li, Laurie Huning, Jessica Driscoll

Ryan W. Webb

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Colorado, Boulder

Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

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