AGU session: IN34 - Robust Methods and Software for Multiphysics Simulation

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AGU session: IN34 - Robust Methods and Software for Multiphysics Simulation

Jed Brown
I encourage the computationally inclined in the community to submit an abstract to this interdisciplinary session.

IN34 - Robust Methods and Software for Multiphysics Simulation

Many computational problems in geosciences, such as plate boundary dynamics and coupled ocean/atmosphere/land surface problems, involve multiple physical processes / domains interacting over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. A single discretization technique rarely suits the entire problem. How do we guarantee numerical stability and accuracy over the timescales of interest? Can we move beyond the common approach of using first-order accurate operator splitting, semi-implicit / explicit time integration methods and decoupled nonlinear solution methods? How do we make the software maintainable and performant? We seek submissions from all disciplines addressing the challenge of solving stiffly-coupled multi-physics problems.

    Jed Brown - ETH Zurich / Argonne National Laboratory
    Matt Knepley - Computational Institute, U of Chicago
    Louis Moresi - Monash University
    Marc Spiegelman - Columbia / LDEO

    Earth and Space Science Informatics (IN)
    Atmospheric Sciences (A)
    Cryosphere (C)
    Study of Earth's Deep Interior (DI)
    Hydrology (H)
    Natural Hazards (NH)
    Ocean Sciences (OS)
    Planetary Sciences (P)
    Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (V)

4 August - Abstract Submissions

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