AGU session on Arctic-midlatitude linkage

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AGU session on Arctic-midlatitude linkage

Yutian Wu
Dear colleagues,

We would like invite you to consider submitting an abstract to our session on *Arctic and midlatitude linkage: Causes and effects* at this year's AGU. The
deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 31. Abstracts can be submitted
here -

Yutian Wu, Xiangdong Zhang, Qinghua Ding, and Baek-Min Kim

Session ID: 81534 
Session Title: . Arctic and midlatitude linkage: Causes and Effects 
Section: Atmospheric Sciences 

Session Description:
The Arctic has experienced an unprecedented sea ice loss and warming in recent decades. It is important to understand the processes that lead to the Arctic changes. Meanwhile, the Arctic changes could also impact the jet streams, storm tracks and possibly extreme weather events in the midlatitudes, which has important implications in understanding and predicting the midlatitude weather and climate.

The goal of this session is to synthesize both the causes and effects between the Arctic and the midlatitudes. Contributions from the following topics are encouraged: 1) what are the causes that lead to the Arctic sea ice decline and amplified warming? 2) what are the effects of the Arctic changes on the midlatitudes and the underlying mechanisms (i.e., atmospheric teleconnection, stratosphere-troposphere coupling, ocean processes)? We welcome studies that use theory, observations, model experiments to understand the Arctic-midlatitude linkage in various time scales including intraseasonal, interannual, and climate change time scales.

Yutian Wu (LDEO, Columbia)
Xiangdong Zhang (U. Alaska)
Qinghua Ding (UCSB)
Baek-Min Kim (Pukyong National University, Korea)

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