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AGU session on ice sheets (Nicolas Young)

Briner, Jason
Dear colleagues and friends, 

We invite you to submit abstracts to our Cryosphere session at this year's AGU meeting in San Francisco; the description is below. Please share this information with anyone who you think might be interested. 

Session ID: 81797 
Session Title: Merging Ice Sheet and Climate Reconstructions with Numerical Models to Understand the Mechanisms and Rates of Ice-Sheet Change 
Section: Cryosphere 
View Session Details
Conveners: Nicolás Young (Lamont-Doherty), Elizabeth Thomas (U. Buffalo), Eric Steig (U. Washington), Josh Cuzzone (JPL) 

A complete understanding of the mechanisms and rates of ice-sheet change over multiple timescales requires direct observations, paleo ice-margin reconstructions, records of modern and paleoclimate in ice-sheet settings, and numerical modeling efforts. Often these ingredients are generated and interpreted independently and this separation fundamentally limits our understanding of how ice sheets evolve over multiple timescales. Here, we aim to bring together those working on any and all of these components to better understand the mechanisms and rates of ice-sheet change. We particularly encourage submissions where observations or paleo-reconstructions of ice-sheet change are explicitly merged with numerical modeling to develop a holistic view of the factors driving ice-sheet evolution. In addition, we encourage submissions where records of modern or paleoclimate change in ice sheet settings are being developed, synthesized, and/or assimilated into numerical modeling efforts. All ice sheets, modern and paleo, are welcome. 

abstract submission site is open through Wednesday July 31 at 23:59 EDT

Best, Nicolás Young 


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