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Maxime Debret-2
Dear all,

We invite you to submit an abstract for AGU 2019 held in San Francisco to the following session "PP015 - Extreme events recorded by high-resolution climate archives":

"The study of highly resolved climate records such as tree-rings, lacustrine and marine sediments and ice cores has considerably advanced our understanding of the Earth’s climate history over different time scales. In recent years, new analytical devices combined with higher-sampling resolution of climate records have provided great potential to better describe extreme events that have occurred in the past. These abrupt events are important to understand in terms of how they affected populations in the past and also what is their frequency, if any. This session is dedicated to high-resolution climate proxies that record abrupt event(s) signal(s) within the Holocene. We encourage abstracts that highlight advance analytical techniques combined with high-sampling resolution of climate archives that can provide insights into the potential mechanism(s) driving these abrupt environmental changes."

We are looking forward to seeing you in SF and learn about your exciting climate records.

Best wishes,

Francois Lapointe, UMass

Maxime Debret, Rouen University

Raymond Bradley, UMass
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