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ALL 2017 AGU Cryosphere Sessions

Mike MacFerrin
It's once again "AGU session advertising" season, I figured I'd post a comprehensive list of ALL this year's AGU Cryosphere Sesssions. It's my hope to occasionally stem the tide. I do what I can.

42 Cryosphere sessions and thirteen cross-listed sessions, in numerical order:

C001. A Decade of Structure from Motion: Shaping Advances in Surface Process Understanding

C002. Advances in land ice-ocean interactions: Mechanisms, Impacts, & Synthesis

C003. Advances in Understanding Processes at the Beds of Glaciers and Ice Sheets

C004. Altimetry of the polar regions

C005. Antarctic Ice Shelves: surface and basal processes, instability and breakup

C006. Applications of Newly Available Enhanced Resolution Satellite Passive Microwave Data

C007. Arctic Science: Beyond Silos to Synthesis and Systems

C008. Birth, Life, and Death of Icebergs

C009. Changing Cold Regions Hydrology and Hydrogeology

C010. Diagnosis of Hydrological Change in Cold Regions

C011. Dust, Black Carbon, and other Aerosols in the Cryosphere

C012. Foundations for Sustained Arctic Observing: Connecting Observational Networks to Societal Benefit

C013. Glacier mass balance: integrated observations and models, and downstream impacts

C014. Glacier Monitoring From In-Situ and Remotely Sensed Observations

C015. Hydrology of Mountain Glaciers and Ice Sheets

C016. Arctic Coastal Dynamics: processes, rates, and spatial variability

C017. Ice sheet and glacier change: integrating instrumental, geological and modelling methods to understand ice sheet and glacier evolution

C018. Indicators of Arctic Climate Variability and Change

C019. Integrating Observations and Models to Better Understand a Changing Arctic Sea Ice Cover

C020. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Conceptualizing Nonlinear Changes in Permafrost Landscapes

C021. Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets

C022. Modeling of the Cryosphere: Seasonal Snow

C023. Monitoring and Modeling Snow on Sea Ice – From Grain Size to Global Climate Models

C024. Phase Dependent: Water, Ice and Vapor in Cryospheric Deserts

C025. Polar Climate: Processes & Predictability

C026. Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes

C027. Recent Advances in Monitoring, Measuring, and Modeling Snow Processes

C028. Recent advances in understanding the high-mountain water cycle

C029. Recent Developments in Cryoseismology

C030. Records of Post-LGM Antarctic Ice Sheet Contraction

C031. Remote Sensing of Sea Ice

C032. Remote sensing of polar permafrost

C033. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: ASO, Water Cycle Science, and High Resolution Retrievals

C034. Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: NASA SnowEx and Multisensor Approaches to Measure Snow Water Equivalent

C035. Sea ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions in the “New” Arctic and Southern Oceans

C036. Seasonal Sea Ice: Processes, properties, and sensitivity to atmospheric and oceanic conditions

C037. Societal Impacts of Global Cryosphere Change and Associated Mitigation and Adaptation Policies

C038. Studying the mountain cryosphere in the Anthropocene: challenges for innovation

C039. The Looming Gap in Microwave Radiometer Coverage and its Potential Impact on Climate Records

C040. The Nye Lecture and Honored Member Presentations

C041. Understanding Ice Sheet Surface Melt

C042. Visualizing the Dynamic Cryosphere (eLightning)

A031. Coupled processes of environmental prediction models

A042. Extratropical and High-latitude Storms, Teleconnections, Extreme Weather, and the Changing Polar Climate

A060. Links between Arctic Cloud Processes and their Environment

A106. Tropospheric Composition in Cold Environments: Sources, Processes, and Impacts

GC054. Observation and Modeling of Processes and Feedbacks Contributing to Arctic Amplification and Its Global Linkages

H024. Blue and Green Water in Cold Mountains: Changes in Climate, Hydrologic Regimes, Extreme Events, and Ecological Responses

H082. Machine Learning Applications in Earth Science and Remote Sensing

H108. Runoff Generation in Snow Dominated Regions: Connecting Seasonal Snowpacks and Streamflow Response

H121. The MacGyver Session. The Place for Novel, Exciting, Self Made, Hacked or Improved Sensors, Data Acquisition and Data Transmission Solutions to Understand The Geosphere.

P008. Connecting Cryospheres on Earth and Beyond: Geological & Chemical Processes on Icy Surfaces

P009. Cryospheres of Terrestrial Planets

P014. From the Earth to the Moons: Ice-ocean systems on Earth and Ocean Worlds

T035. Structure, evolution and influence of the Antarctic and Arctic lithosphere

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