ANTPAS sessions in SOUTHCOP 2018

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ANTPAS sessions in SOUTHCOP 2018

Marc Oliva

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to several sessions organized by the ANTPAS (Antarctic Permafrost and Soils) at the upcoming first Southern Hemisphere Conference on Permafrost (SouthCOP) that will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand from 4-14 December 2019. ​​


The deadline for abstract submission is now open and will close by 7 April 2017.


Within the umbrella of the ANTPAS, two sessions will be organized:


- ANTPAS - Antarctic Permafrost and Soils

The objective of this session is to examine the state of permafrost and active layer dynamics in ice-free regions in Antarctica and their relations with the ecosystems and landscape. All these indeed are undergoing significant environmental changes in response to recent climate trends. 


- Past environments in permafrost regions

The objective of this session is to examine the state of the art and on recent achievements on understanding past environments in permafrost regions in large areas of the Southern Hemisphere, as well as to detect gaps and areas where permafrost research needs to be improved.



We kindly invited you to send your contributions to these sessions.


With best regards,


Marc Oliva

Mauro Guglielmin

Marc Oliva, PhD

Antarctic, Arctic and Alpine Environments (ANTALP) research group
Department of Geography, Universitat de Barcelona
Montalegre 6-8, 3r floor, 08001 - Barcelona
+34 934037867 / +34 616104266

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