AOGS 2013 Session AS19 The Cryosphere Changes and Its Influences

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AOGS 2013 Session AS19 The Cryosphere Changes and Its Influences

Dear all,

We are happy to invite you to be present at a session entitled with "The Cryosphere Changes and its Influences" at the 10th anniversary of AOGS Meeting in Brisbane, Australia on 24 - 28 June 2013.

AS19: The Cryosphere Changes and its Influences

Description:  The presentations called in this session will be concerned with, but not limited to, reveling the changing facts and scenarios of the future of the cryosphere, exploring cryospheric changing mechanism, the relationship between cryosphere and climate change diagnosis and analysis using a crysphere-atmosphere coupled general circulation models as well as examining trends, predicting possible changes in cryosphere and severe climatic hazards in East Asia, and providing recommendations how to plot the current and future adaptation and mitigation policies.

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You can submit your abstract here:

We welcome your contributions to this session, and look forwards to seeing you in Brisbane. More details can be found in the attached poster (It is warm in Brisbane that time).

Best regards,
Jing Ming Ph.D.
Chenghai Wang Prof.
Jing Ming, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration
46 Zhongguancun Nandajie
Haidian, Beijing 100081, China
Email: [hidden email] OR [hidden email]
TEL: +86-10-58993018   FAX: +86-10-68408508
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