APECS Germany "Cold Regions - Cool Facts" Contest - 15 November

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APECS Germany "Cold Regions - Cool Facts" Contest - 15 November

Johanna Grabow-2
Dear colleagues,
APECC Germay in cooperation with the <a href="https://deref-gmx.net/mail/client/hGxSBnpzrnM/dereferrer/?redirectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fpolarforschung.de%2F" onclick="parent.phx.event.mailUrlClicked(&#39;https:&#92;/&#92;/polarforschung.de&#92;/&#39;); return true;" target="_blank">German Society of Polar Research is running a creative contest for the Arctic, the Antarctic or the glaciated regions of the earth.
We are looking for creative contributions that explain one or more aspects of polar research in detail. You must be studying at a German university for a bachelor's or master's degree or for a teacher training position to be eligible to participate.

Polar research is manifold and carried out by many disciplines. We welcome contributions from the bio, geo and climate sciences, as well as contributions from the social sciences such as the history of polar research, politics and education.

Please make sure that:

  • You present your topic in a technically correct way

  • Your contribution is in German or English, in case you write texts

  • You adapt your content to your target group, which can range from primary school children to an interested public

  • Your contribution can at least to some extent be published on our website



We know how much work it requires to carry out such a project. In order to acknowledge this, the German Society of Polar Research awards one or more prizes, with the first place winning a €500 prize.



  • You are studying at a German university for a bachelor's or master's degree or for a teacher training position

  • Closing date for entries is 15 November 2020

  • The submitted contributions will be evaluated through a panel of judges (consisting of members of the APECS Germany Board, the DGP, and experts in science communication)

  • The winners will be announced on 1 December 2020 (International Antarctica Day!)

  • The rights of use for educational and teaching purposes will be transferred to APECS and DGP.


More information and details how to submit are available on our website: <a href="https://deref-gmx.net/mail/client/XWE8Awzj-Lw/dereferrer/?redirectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fapecsgermany.wixsite.com%2Fapecsde%2Fsingle-post%2F2020%2F09%2F21%2FCold-Regions---Cool-Facts-Contest" onclick="parent.phx.event.mailUrlClicked(&#39;https:&#92;/&#92;/apecsgermany.wixsite.com&#92;/apecsde&#92;/single-post&#92;/2020&#92;/09&#92;/21&#92;/Cold-Regions---Cool-Facts-Contest&#39;); return true;" target="_blank">https://apecsgermany.wixsite.com/apecsde/single-post/2020/09/21/Cold-Regions---Cool-Facts-Contest


We are looking forward to your contributions,


(Co-chair of APECS Germany)

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