APECS Virtual Poster Session - Sediment Budgets in Cold Environments, 24 March, 18GMT

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APECS Virtual Poster Session - Sediment Budgets in Cold Environments, 24 March, 18GMT

Angelika Renner
Dear Cryolisters,

For those not familiar with the APECS Virtual Poster Session (www.apecs.is/virtual-poster-session) - This effort focuses on bringing the concept of the poster presentation beyond the four walls of the conference hall and creates an online database of polar research poster publications. This project allows members with similar goals and interests to exchange information and assures a platform for the exchange of Arctic, Antarctic and Cryospheric research, policy,
and education activities that are Shaping the Future of Polar Research - and our calls let you share your research *LIVE* with people around the world!


This month, we would like to announce an  APECS Working Group on Sediment Budgets in
Cold Environments
 Virtual Poster Session with two invited speakers

Professor Achim A. Beylich (Chair of SEDIBUD - International Association of Geomorphologists Working Group on Sediment Budgets in Cold Environments)
Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), and Department of Geography,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)  Trondheim,

talking about achievements and future goals of  SEDIBUD Network and his research on cold region sediment budgets in Norway



Dr. Armelle Decaulne (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

talking about her research projects on Iceland and career development from APECS to member of one of the most successful cold region geomorphology initiatives SEDIBUD

When:  24th of March, 18:00 GMT

TO ATTEND: log on to http://connect.canterbury.ac.nz/apecs-vps_12/

We will be using Adobe Connect Pro software, thanks to our partnership
with the University of Canterbury, to conduct these webinars which
requires Abode Flash Player installed on participants' computers.  If
your computer doesn't already have Adobe Flash installed, visit

If you have not participated in a webinar before, we have a great
tutorial that you can watch and see how easy it is at

For more information on the VPS – please go to:

Best regards,
APECS Virtual Poster Session Group

Dr. Angelika Renner 

Norwegian Polar Institute
Tromsø, Norway

APECS ExCom member

office: +47 77750557
mobile: +47 48348828

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