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Federica Scarpa

Dear IASC partners and colleagues,


As you may know, the next Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW2020) will be held from 27 March to 2 April 2020 in Akureyri, Iceland.


We have recently launched the website for the event:


There you can find key information and you can sign up for ASSW2020 updates. This website will be updated with more detailed information as they are available.

The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) is to provide opportunities for coordination, cooperation and collaboration between the various scientific organizations involved in Arctic research and to economize on travel and time. In 2020, the ASSW will have three major components: an International Science Day (March 27 - joint between the Arctic Council & IASC communities), IASC Business Meetings and Arctic Communities Meetings (March 28-30), and the Arctic Observing Summit - AOS (March 31-April 2),


Please do share with Arctic networks,  friends and colleagues!


Best wishes,

Federica, on behalf of ASSW hosts



Federica Scarpa

The International Arctic Science Committee  (IASC)

Communications Manager

Borgum, Norðurslóð

IS-600 Akureyri, Iceland

Tel: +354 776 0539



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