ASSW2021 - Abstract submission extension - Session: Implications of permafrost thaw at multiple scales

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ASSW2021 - Abstract submission extension - Session: Implications of permafrost thaw at multiple scales

Lara Hughes-Allen

Dear Cryolist members,


The deadline to submit an abstract to the Arctic Science Summit Week in March 2021 (virtual) has been extended to December 10!


Consider submitting to our session! 

Session Theme:

The changing terrestrial environments: dynamics and impacts

Session Title:

ID: 34 Implications of permafrost thaw at multiple scales: effects on hydrology and biogeochemistry



Lara Hughes-Allen (Université Paris Saclay), Frédéric Bouchard (Université Paris Saclay)Ylva Sjöberg (University of Copenhagen)



Permafrost thaw due to continued climate change and anthropogenic influences has significant impact on local and regional hydrology and biogeochemistry. The release of previously sequestered organic matter via greenhouse gas emissions has implications for global climate projections, and changing permafrost landscape dynamics has wide reaching impacts on water quality and aquatic ecosystem equilibrium. Due to the complex interplay between climate, permafrost, and people, there is a strong need for cross-discipline collaboration and input from local populations. We welcome studies which focus on the interactions between climate change and permafrost dynamics and the effects of these interactions on biogeochemical and hydrological systems at different temporal and spatial scales.


New deadline to submit an abstract to this session is December 10, 2020!


Please follow the link below for more information on the conference and to submit an abstract.



Lara Hughes-Allen, M.Sc

Ph.D. Candidate
GEOPS - Géosciences Paris Saclay
Université Paris Saclay
Orsay, France
+33 6 16 24 53 52 

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