Abstract deadline approaching for IGS Sea Ice, session on sea ice biogeochemistry

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Abstract deadline approaching for IGS Sea Ice, session on sea ice biogeochemistry

Tedesco Letizia
Hi all,

Just a reminder that abstract submission for the IGS Symposium on Sea ice is closing soon, ie 20th of March. 

We will have a topical session on sea-ice biogeochemistry and we encourage you to submit an abstract to session 19:

Biogeochemical processes within the ocean-sea ice-atmosphere - Part 1

Changes in the Arctic marine cryosphere have been continually outpacing projections, and Antarctic sea ice extent continues to differ from model predictions seasonally and annually. The myriad of processes and feedbacks within the sea ice-ocean system at the two poles associated with these changes are still poorly understood. Observations over the last twenty years have identified numerous biogeochemical processes occurring in the sea-ice zone which are relevant for the underlying seawater and remote water masses through effects on marine productivity and nutrient stocks. These processes can occur within sea ice itself, or involve atmosphere-sea ice-ocean exchange of biogeochemical compounds. Sea-ice biogeochemical processes also affect atmospheric composition both through direct releases and by moderating air-sea exchange of climatically active gases and aerosols. Higher trophic levels of polar ecosystems, as well as human communities, are affected by changes in sea-ice biogeochemistry through cascading ecosystem effects. Despite all these discoveries, our understanding of sea-ice zone biogeochemistry is still limited in both Arctic and Antarctic environments. Observations are sparse, and satellite remote sensing is of limited applicability. As a consequence, the representation of sea-ice zone biogeochemical processes and biota in regional and global models is extremely simple, and our confidence in understanding either the past and present importance of these processes or how they are responding and will further respond to climatic change is limited. This session calls for contributions on experimental, observational, and modelling studies that improve our mechanistic understanding of the interactions between sea ice and ocean biogeochemistry and their effect on physical and associated ecosystems. Studies are invited that will increase our conceptual knowledge on the role of temperature on brine, gas, particle, and solute transport within sea ice and between the ice-air and ice-ocean boundaries. This may include sea ice algal and microbial communities.

Please, submit your abstract here:


Looking forward to seeing many of you in Winnipeg in August! 

Nadja Steiner, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Sidney, Canada
Letizia Tedesco, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki, Finland
Sebastien Moreau, Norwegian Polar Insitute, Tromsø, Norway
Klaus Meiners, Australian Antarctic Division, Kingston, Australia

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