Abstracts being accepted for OSM 2018 Education Session 006

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Abstracts being accepted for OSM 2018 Education Session 006

Janet Warburton
Abstracts now being accepted for Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018!

Researchers that have worked with K-12 students either in or out of the classroom are encouraged to share their successful strategies at the OSM 2018 meeting (Feb. 11-18) in Portland, Oregon, Session ED006: Methods and Partnerships in Limnology and Oceanography Education (https://agu.confex.com/agu/os18/preliminaryview.cgi/Session29779).

Deadline for abstracts is 6 September 2017.  More information about submitting abstracts can be found at main website (http://osm.agu.org/2018/)

ED006: Methods and Partnerships in Limnology and Oceanography Education
Session ID#: 29779
Session Description:
Innovations in formal and informal education and outreach in the fields of ocean science, environmental science, and limnology have been plentiful in recent years. Of specific significance is making aquatic science content relevant to all audiences: K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students, and the public education. How can science lessons answer the question "Why is this important to me?" Student-researcher partnerships are one way to make the connection between science and students' lives and to result in an increase in ocean and climate literacy. Whether through partnerships, experimentation, or observations, we need to share our lessons learned with the ocean science education community. A focus on evaluation, documentation, and dissemination of successful methods in ocean science education have allowed best practices to be established so educators do not have to reinvent successful strategies. This session invites any and all submissions describing successful and/or no
 vel met
 hods and partnerships in limnology and oceanography education (formal or informal).

Contact the Primary Chair for this session, Robert Chen [hidden email] with questions about this session.

Primary Chair: Robert F Chen, University of Massachusetts Boston, School for the Environment, Boston, MA, United States
Co-chairs: Janet Warburton, ARCUS, Fairbanks, AK, United States,
Paul F Kemp, University of Hawaii Manoa, Oceanography, Honolulu, HI, United States
Dolores Lollie Garay, Redd School, Houston, TX, United States

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