Advances in Land Ice-Ocean Interactions at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017

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Advances in Land Ice-Ocean Interactions at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017

Armitage, Tom W (334H-Affiliate)

We invite abstract submissions to session C002: “Advances in land ice-ocean interactions: Mechanisms, Impacts, and Synthesis” at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017.


Abstract: Ice mass loss from marine-terminating glaciers and terrestrial ice sheets, with or without floating ice shelves, is a major contributor to global sea level rise. Our understanding of the physical processes controlling glacier-ocean interactions, however, is limited. We welcome submissions from across glaciological and oceanographic disciplines that exploit observational, modelling or theoretical methods to study land ice-ocean interactions. Particularly encouraged are submissions that exploit advances in our satellite remote sensing capabilities (e.g., Sentinel’s, Landsat-8, CryoSat-2 & ICESat). Example topics include: ocean circulation at ice sheet margins; ice velocity and elevation changes in response to oceanic forcing; ice melt beneath ice shelves and at tidewater glacier margins; icebergs and ice mélange; bathymetry, and glacier observations; climate sensitivity of physical processes controlling ice-ocean interactions; development of coupled ice-ocean numerical models.


Kind regards,

The conveners



Tom Armitage | Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar

Radar Science and Engineering

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

California Institute of Technology

Email: [hidden email]

Phone: +1 (818)-354-3318

Twitter: @twkarmitage


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