An improved Antarctic dataset for high resolution numerical ice sheet models (ALBMAP v1)

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An improved Antarctic dataset for high resolution numerical ice sheet models (ALBMAP v1)

Le-Brocq, Anne
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For the attention of Antarctic ice sheet modellers,


I would like to bring your attention to an improved dataset for high resolution modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.  The dataset contains various 5 km resolution grids describing the ice sheet configuration, surface air temperature, accumulation, geothermal heat flux and firn correction.  The configuration data is largely based on the BEDMAP dataset, but incorporates new data on ice thickness (grounded and floating) and bathymetry.  The dataset also contains a number of modifications to ensure that the dataset is self-consistent.  For example, some sub-iceshelf cavities are re-interpolated to ensure that the ice shelf is able to float, which was not the case in the original BEDMAP.


The purpose of the dataset is to provide a self-consistent dataset that can be used as a starting point for ice sheet models that aim to model forward in time from the present day ice sheet configuration.  Much effort has been expended to ensure that the grounding line is as similar as possible to that observed, and that the ice sheet surface is left unmodified in ice stream/grounding zone locations. 


I would strongly encourage you to thoroughly read the documentation, to understand the processing and assumptions that have gone into the dataset, particularly with respect to the firn correction and its incorporation in flotation calculations.


The dataset can be downloaded from:


please cite the data if you use it!


The data is provided in a netcdf format, on a polar stereographic grid, further information is included in the documentation.


A publication will be submitted to Earth System Science Data in the near future.   It is envisaged that new versions will be produced as new data is incorporated.


Thanks to those that have made their data available for incorporation into the dataset, either via public download or pers comm:


The BEDMAP project, Robert Athern, Jonathan Bamber, Josefino Comiso, Laura Edwards, Cathrine Fox Maule, Jennifer Griggs, Frank Nitsche, Nicholai Shapiro, Michiel Van den Broeke and David Vaughan & AGASEA/BBAS.



Anne Le Brocq & co-authors Tony Payne & Andreas Vieli



Dr. Anne Le Brocq

Research Fellow

School of Geography

University of Exeter

+44 (0)1392 724071

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